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Sofa Cleaning Qatar

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Doha, Qatar

Currently CLOSED

+974 3386 5544
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Home delivery: unknown

Elite Cleaning Qatar

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New Market Zone, Al-Souq Street, Building #3, 4th Floor,Office #13, Doha, Qatar

Currently CLOSED

+974 4437 5185
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Home delivery: unknown

Al Ghaida Laundry مغسلة الغيداء

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Near New Tawar Bakery, Tariq Bin Ziyad St, Near Dar Al Kutub Round About, الدوحة،, Qatar

Currently CLOSED

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Al Ghaida Laundry

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Tariq Bin Ziyad St, Near Dar Al Kutub Round About Near New Tawar Bakery, Doha, Qatar

Currently CLOSED

+974 5544 1401
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Home delivery: unknown

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I tried Laundryheap for the first time…

I tried Laundryheap for the first time - and my first order was to get a carpet cleaning service. I was very pleased with the notifications for my order to be picked up and being able to know when the driver would arrive (really accurate and useful!). The only thing I really would want to know which wasn't provided when the carpet was delivered back was the method used to clean the carpet - was it machine washed or dry cleaned, etc; the gentleman who delivered it didn't know. This is because originally the carpet wasn't a clean second hand purchase - although they did a decent job making it less smelly. Thank you Laundryheap. :)


The collection and delivery was very…

The collection and delivery was very prompt. The collection agent was very helpful and polite and the quality of dry cleaning was excellent.

Arun Kumar

Amazing, Quick and value for money!

The service was amazing really good value for money and so simple. I needed my boyfriend’s suit dry cleaned for a funeral and we were leaving on the Friday as it was in Wales. I organised the laundry heap on the Tuesday and we had it by the Wednesday evening! So great!


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24 hours turnaround time
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FAQ - Dry Cleaners

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that uses non-aqueous chemicals to clean fabrics and garments, instead of water. This process is the best choice for removing dirt and odours without risking damage to delicate fabrics. Please double check your clothing care labels before opting for this service.

What types of items can be dry cleaned?

Any items made of natural fibers should benefit from a dry cleaning service, but you should check the care label of the items to make sure they are suitable for this. Even if dry cleaning is usually a safe option for most of the garments, not all items will react well to this cleaning process.

Common colour changes in dry cleaning

1. A dye that is soluble in dry cleaning may fade during care. If two or more dyes have been used and only one is soluble, there is a good possibility of a dramatic color change. For example, if a yellow dye component of a green garment were to break down, you could be left with a blue garment. There is no way of knowing this in advance.
2. Fading may occur in household items such as bedspreads and curtains/draperies. Often the fading may not be noticeable until the item is compared with a matching item. We recommend that all matching items be dry cleaned or laundered at the same time to ensure color uniformity.
3. Most dyes eventually fade with exposure to sun or artificial light. Color failure may occur rapidly on exposed areas of garments such as shoulders, collars, and sleeves. Particularly sensitive are blue, green, and lavender dyes, especially those used on silk or wool fabrics.

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